Reasons Earthbound Spirits (Ghosts) stay


I have met so many earthbound spirits that died in an accident or died at a young age (when they felt they weren’t ready to go). Accidents are usually so sudden that the person is in shock at their death. Many of these people don’t want to face the fact that they are dead to their physical body.

Within this group are those that commit suicide or drug overdose. Most of the time, suicide victims want to immediately get back into their body, but of course that’s impossible. Often, they will stick around family members, looking for forgiveness or wishing to convey their apologies for causing the family so much sorrow and pain.

One of these cases was a young man that committed suicide on a whim, wishing to punish himself and his loved ones. As soon as the act was accomplished, he wanted to get back into his body. We explained to him that it was impossible, since his body was now unable to be revived. He felt hopeless. He felt sorrow. He wanted forgiveness from those he loved.

My friend and I could feel those emotions he was experiencing. It was our job to give him hope, to show him that this was an opportunity for a new beginning. His life wasn’t over, only his physical life he just exited. We both knew this young man’s family. They were open to receiving a message from him through us. His mother was comforted, although healing would be a long process for her. The young man did ascend into the Heavenly Realm, where I believe he can be in service to many he left behind.

If you have lost someone to suicide or drug overdose, I hope you can forgive them and tell them this. They may be waiting for these words. Forgiveness is important for all of us to bring healing to all situations. It is hard to let go of our judgements and our ideas of how we think things should be. We can’t undo what has been done, but we can bring new hope and beginnings into our future.

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It is so sad to see loved ones stuck in the torrent of pain due to addiction. I have known a few who committed suicide thinking they had no way out. How sad to know that they also tend to stay earthbound looking for forgiveness or trying to comfort and make amends to loved ones. Thank you for your service to the Earthbounds.

They are loved through it all, by the angels, their guides and many others. Not all stay here, and some only stay for a short time (they don’t experience time). We can always reach out in forgiveness to our loved ones who die before their time.

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