Reasons Earthbound Spirits (Ghosts) stay


When we leave the physical body, we begin a journey into the next realm of existence. We do have a choice to move forward into this ascension process, or we can stop it. This is what happens to those who remain here for an extended period of “time.”

The ascension process takes us into a state of perfect LOVE. When we haven’t experienced love on Earth, it isn’t a familiar state of being. We are more familiar with the absence of love, also known as the darkness of fear.

One of my experiences with someone who never knew love, was a man whose mother was a witch. She practiced black magic. She was part of a coven of witches, who never gave this person love, even as a baby and a young boy. They used him to perform some of their evil deeds.

When he died, they were waiting for him on the other side. They were earthbound. They held him here, or should I say he felt that they held him here.

We will call him Abel. As a ghost, he would influence young children with the psychic gifts to do bad deeds. This is how we found him. He was chased away by psychics that were called in to protect the children. No one tried to help Abel.

I don’t suggest anyone try to reach out to one serving the darkness, unless this is your expertise. In doing this service, we are held in a space of perfect LOVE. This is the only tool we have in our toolbox. We LOVED Abel into the LIGHT.

Able wasn’t ready to ascend right away, so he went to The Garden. The Garden is a space that the angels have manifested for the earthbound. It’s about 4 feet off the ground. In The Garden, earthbound are attended to by angels and other earthbound who are ready to ascend. It gives them time to heal before ascending into that realm of Perfect Love.

Abel wants to share with others a lesson he learned while in The Garden. He spent a lot of time with Jesus in The Garden. He learned that not only do we want to be like Jesus here on Earth, but Jesus wants to be us. That means that we are all one. Will we allow the Christ Light to shine through us?

Abel learned about LOVE before he ascended. He can now reach out to others who have had his experience. I never knew that some people never experience love in their lifetime here. Abel wasn’t the only one we reached out to with this pain. The second earthbound had been a King, but never felt love as a child. Very sad to know that children aren’t given love.

What are your thoughts about LOVE? What do you feel about Jesus wanting to be you? I’d love to hear from you.

Reasons Earthbound Spirits (Ghosts) stay


I have met so many earthbound spirits that died in an accident or died at a young age (when they felt they weren’t ready to go). Accidents are usually so sudden that the person is in shock at their death. Many of these people don’t want to face the fact that they are dead to their physical body.

Within this group are those that commit suicide or drug overdose. Most of the time, suicide victims want to immediately get back into their body, but of course that’s impossible. Often, they will stick around family members, looking for forgiveness or wishing to convey their apologies for causing the family so much sorrow and pain.

One of these cases was a young man that committed suicide on a whim, wishing to punish himself and his loved ones. As soon as the act was accomplished, he wanted to get back into his body. We explained to him that it was impossible, since his body was now unable to be revived. He felt hopeless. He felt sorrow. He wanted forgiveness from those he loved.

My friend and I could feel those emotions he was experiencing. It was our job to give him hope, to show him that this was an opportunity for a new beginning. His life wasn’t over, only his physical life he just exited. We both knew this young man’s family. They were open to receiving a message from him through us. His mother was comforted, although healing would be a long process for her. The young man did ascend into the Heavenly Realm, where I believe he can be in service to many he left behind.

If you have lost someone to suicide or drug overdose, I hope you can forgive them and tell them this. They may be waiting for these words. Forgiveness is important for all of us to bring healing to all situations. It is hard to let go of our judgements and our ideas of how we think things should be. We can’t undo what has been done, but we can bring new hope and beginnings into our future.

Thank you for your comments. I love to hear from you.

Reasons Earthbound Spirits (Ghosts) stay

No Belief in God or the Existence of Heaven Can Hold Us Earthbound

How can we return to a place or an experience of God or Heaven if we don’t believe it exists? Many people who die find themselves in this situation of not moving forward, because they simply won’t allow the possibility of another existence.

The story that comes to my mind first is about a man that my angels led me to. My friend and I reached out to this man, who died in the mid-19th century in a car accident. He was still with his car. He had died while under the influence of alcohol. His belief system didn’t allow for him to be aware of the angels or an existence of anything beyond this realm. He was also still inebriated.

This man was a famous movie star, so I won’t share his name with you. (We have worked with many famous people, but have promised them to never take advantage of their name.) I will share his story, because he has asked for it to be told.

Let’s call him Dennis. Dennis didn’t believe there was a “Heaven.” I asked the angels if he could go there, and then come right back to tell us if it was real. I wanted him to find out for himself if it was real. The angels agreed to allow this experience. First, he asked if we could go with him. We told him we could not, because we were still in this physical realm. Dennis was gone for a few minutes of our Earth time before he returned to give us a report. This is what he wants us to share with the world: “I found myself walking along a dirt road. I wasn’t pushed or pulled, but went on my own free will. The road was familiar! I knew where I was. I had been here before! I came to a simple, wooden, country gate that was slightly open. I pushed it open wide enough to go through. I was going HOME! I knew this place! It wasn’t scary. I KNEW where I was. It was peaceful and full of LOVE. Will you please tell people that Heaven is not an unfamiliar place. We have been there before. It is just a matter of “going home” when we die.”

I have shared this story with many people, who were in the process of dying and were scared. It has given them comfort to know that they will know the way home. It’s not a scary process, but a journey home.

There are many stories I have experienced with those who didn’t believe in the existence of this place we know as “Heaven.” What are your thoughts about where we go at the time of death? I would love to hear from you.

Reasons Earthbound Spirits (Ghosts) stay

Unworthiness Issues Keep Us Earthbound

Most of us have had unworthiness issues. This is another big reason for people to stay here after death. Why do they feel unworthy? I have learned that we get these feelings mostly from comparing ourselves with others. At some point, I hope we can see that we are all special with our own unique gifts to share with the world.

I have had several earthbound, who had handicap issues in their lives, and this made them feel that they were less than other humans. In their lives, people around them would say that they were a mistake, or that God didn’t want them because they were imperfect. I will share some of these stories.

Lily was born blind to an unwed mother. She was raised by her mother and grandmother. The family was very poor. She heard over and over, from both her mother and grandmother, that it was her fault. She was continually blamed for their “bad luck.” Lily was about 14 when her mother took her out in a boat, threw her overboard, and held her head under water until she drowned.

Lily didn’t stay earthbound because of anger or because she couldn’t forgive her mother. Lily stayed here because she believed she wasn’t wanted by God. She felt she was unworthy of God’s love. I am so thankful that Lily received her eyesight and returned home to a place of unconditional love.

Another example was a man, who was born with dwarfism. He was raised in an orphanage in Canada. He was also told that God didn’t want him, because he was a mistake. He lived his whole life in this orphanage, working there as an adult. Before he went on to the Heavenly Realm, he gathered up many other earthbound, who were also born with dwarfism. With the help of the angels, we were able to show them how much they were loved. Together, they ascended into the next realm.

We all have gifts, no matter what the “Package” looks like when we enter this earthly realm. We all serve a purpose and are here to evolve. How many times do we make a judgement when we look at others who don’t quite fit our mold of what is perfect? I know I have made many judgements in my life.

We are all perfect in our imperfection. This was a message I kept getting from my guides and angels. No matter what is going on in our lives, we are perfect in our imperfection. We are loved no matter what we look like, or do, or don’t do. There is nothing we can do that will turn our Creator away from us. We are worthy just because we exist. That’s it! There’s nothing to do to earn it. Just be.

There are so many other stories of earthbound, who felt unworthy. I hope you know how worthy, beautiful, and wanted you are, just the way you are today! What are your thoughts about this topic? I love to hear from you.

Reasons Earthbound Spirits (Ghosts) stay

Attachments Keep Us Earthbound

Attachments to people, places and things or even habits can keep us here after our physical death. This reason rates the highest after Fear, because most of us are attached to our loved ones, the places we love and sometimes even the possessions like money can keep us here. Control of money is one reason that kept Doris here after her death.

Doris came from the East coast and was part of a very wealthy family. Her last name is familiar to many people, so I won’t be sharing that with you. Doris sought out my friend and I. Somehow our work with earthbound was brought to her attention. Of course that’s the work of the angels. Her own angels led her to us.

Doris was challenging. She came with her trunks of things that she was taking with her. She wanted to make an appointment with us. She asked for our full names and addresses, because she was going to make arrangements for her brother to pay us whatever we asked for. You might think this is very funny. We did. But, Doris was quite serious. As you can guess, we never received payment for our services! Her brother was quite unaware of his sister’s request.

Doris eventually went on after spending some time in the “Garden.” She wasn’t very popular with the other Earthbound, who were in the process of healing while in the “Garden.” She was very controlling. It was difficult for Doris to let go of her old life, where she was the head of a very large corporation. She was quite bossy1

Another example of attachment is Betty. Betty was a young mother during the depression. She was pregnant with her 4th child (I think). She couldn’t feed the other children she had, so she tried to abort this baby. She died in the process. Betty couldn’t leave her other children, so stayed here in an earthbound state for many years. She told us about her children and how one son had become a dentist in our local area. She was aware of everything they did. I could relate to her while thinking about what I would do if I had died when my children were young.

Betty eventually learned that her children were never aware of her presence. They would have benefited more had she gone into the next realm, where Betty would have had the awareness and unconditional love of many beings to support her.

In my book, “A Voice Loud as Thunder,” the Protector was attached to the Earth. He asked us, “Who will hug the mountains when I am gone?” We promised we would. The Protector didn’t want to leave his beautiful Earth.

I became aware of being attached to things around me. I have learned that you can have things, but your attitude about them can change. You can love them, but be willing to let them go.

What are you attached to in your life? Are you willing to let go of the attachment and love freely?

Reasons Earthbound Spirits (Ghosts) stay

Punishment of Self Holds Us Earthbound

I have many different stories to share on all these reasons for staying after death. The one that stands out the most is about a man who went to his own “Hell” after his physical death.

We will call him Sam. When my friend and I first saw him, he was holding onto the bars of his prison cell. There were beasts beating him with whips. This fits the description that some people have in their minds of what “Hell” might look like.

Sam was screaming in pain. We asked him why he was here. He said this was his punishment for what he had done during his life on Earth. We asked him, “Did anyone tell you to come here after your death? “

After thinking about that question for a few moments, Sam told us, “No.”

With unconditional Love, we were able to show Sam that he was holding up only one wall of his cell. Their weren’t any other walls. He had created for himself what he felt he deserved. He created the punishment he felt he deserved. No one sent him into this experience. It was all his own choice and creation.

Sam saw the truth. He chose to go to the Heavenly Realm with a host of angels that had never left him, but waited and called for him throughout his self-punishment.

Sam’s story is a good lesson for all of us. How many times in our own lives, do we choose punishment for ourselves? We create our own “Hell.” God doesn’t want us to suffer. God wants us to know that we are loved unconditionally no matter what situation we might be experiencing in our lives. God calls us home when we die. What we need in order to return to that space of unconditional love is provided for us.

In my book, “A Voice Loud as Thunder,” you will read about Charles. He is another example of that desire for punishment. It was his own choice of experience. It was and always will be Love that lifts these lost souls up into their rightful place of existence, a place of unconditional Love and Light, a place called, “Home.”

What are your thoughts about “Hell?”

Reasons Earthbound Spirits (Ghosts) stay

Fear Keeps Us Earthbound

Fear may be the number one reason that people stay here on Earth after their physical death. Unfortunately, they have this idea of a punishing, vengeful God/Creator, who is ready to burn them in hell for all their sins.

While many believe in this Creator, I do not. God is pure, unconditional Love. Perhaps we have a human perception of God as a punishing parent. In my opinion, we punish ourselves enough for what we deem our shortcomings. While there may be a payment (and that is an involved subject), I don’t believe there is anything to fear at the time of our death.

Fear comes from ego. It is a negative energy. The darkness feeds off of fear just as much as it feeds off of anger. Both are the energy of darkness. I like to differentiate between feelings and emotions. Feelings are actions, while emotions are reactions. Feelings are based in Love and emotions are based in fear. This is another subject that could take days to discuss. Fear and anger are blocks to the higher vibration of Heaven. When we die, ego does not ascend, but separates from us. Ego was not created by God so cannot return to God. So, when we feel those negative emotions, they hold us back from expressing the beautiful creation we were meant to be.

Early on in my service to Earthbound, Charles (an earthbound spirit from my book) brought us a group of children with their teacher. They had died in an avalanche near Mt. Baldy in the San Bernardino mountains. Rosemary was their teacher.

Rosemary was afraid of God. I don’t know exactly what her religion had been, but with her having a child out of wedlock, she was certain that she was going to burn in hell. She believed that if she kept the children with her, God wouldn’t be able to send her there.

I could relate to Rosemary as I had a strict, religious background growing up. It was a serious sin to have a child out of wedlock. At the time of their deaths, Rosemary watched the children ascending and began to call their names one by one as if she was taking roll call in school. Each one of these children (perhaps 12) came back to her. They were all concerned for her well-being.

Rosemary was a tough one to work with as she wasn’t open to seeing her part in what happened to the children at the time of death. The children eventually went on without her (including her own child). Then, it wasn’t only fear that held her here. She was angry with my friend and I as she felt we had tricked her. We were having a conversation with her when Archangel Gabriel and his Legion of angels came to each child to give them the choice to ascend or stay with Rosemary. Her daughter knew that if she ascended, Rosemary would follow. That is what happened in the end, but Rosemary’s story is a little more involved than that.

Although we are discussing reasons one may not go on at the time of their death, I think it might be important to share more of Rosemary’s story with you now. Rosemary didn’t want to stay here without her daughter, so she did ascend, but not into the realm where the children had transitioned. She was in a sort of in-between place/space. I think it is best described as the Purgatory that the Catholic church mentions. However, Purgatory is a gift to us, and not a punishment. It is for those of us who are not ready to totally be in a place of Oneness with God, but need to work some things out that we hold onto from our Earthly incarnation. We are served very lovingly in this space. For Rosemary, it was an angel, who never left her. I know this, because the angel approached us much later to ask if we would speak to Rosemary. Rosemary needed to hear the whole story of what happened that day when the children ascended. She blamed us, but the truth was that we were not aware of what was happening until afterward. We were only aware of our conversation with her at that time. The angels arranged that moment of intervention. It is my prayer that Rosemary has forgiven us. I believe she has ascended into the higher vibration at last.

Anger and fear are emotions that all of us can release while we’re still here on Earth. It’s an on-going process and part of our experience of ascending into higher realms of consciousness even while still living here physically. Isn’t life all about being fully human and fully divine at the same time? What do you think?

Please let me know if you have any questions about this post. I enjoy hearing from all of you.

Reasons Earthbound Spirits (Ghosts) stay

Anger Keeps us Earthbound

One of the reasons people choose to stay on earth after death is anger. You can’t take anger with you into a realm of unconditional love.

The first earthbound spirit I met was a Native American Shaman. I named him the Protector. (You can read his story in “A Voice Loud as Thunder.” Soldiers came to what is now Rancho Cucamonga (in 1863). They killed the Protector and his people. The Protector felt responsible for their early deaths since he had told his people that they could live peacefully with the white man. The Protector was angry.

In the Protector’s wisdom and his love of his Creator, he knew that he couldn’t take his anger into the Heavenly Realm. He was unwilling to let it go. In a way, he punished himself by holding onto this anger.

Anger is an energy that can be all-consuming. Over time, the energy of anger becomes addictive. It’s an energy of darkness. This is the reason that it can’t survive in the realm of LOVE and LIGHT. Think of a dark room. When the light is turned on, what happens to the darkness? It must leave. The Heavenly Realm is Light and Love, so anger cannot exist there.

I have known people who are addicted to anger. They create situations that bring them anger. The darkness feeds off this energy.

I have had anger that I haven’t wanted to let go. It allows me to feel “justified” about my reactions in these situations. In order to heal/change the situation, I must let the anger go and forgive.

When we die, anger must leave in order for us to ascend into the light. Forgiveness is the key in healing from anger. Forgiveness opens the door to freedom from the bondage of darkness.

You can read about the Protector’s journey of healing in my book, “A Voice Loud as Thunder.” It’s available from Amazon, or I have copies.

Next time I will address another reason earthbound spirits stay here: Fear.

What are your thoughts about anger and forgiveness?

Reasons Earthbound Spirits (Ghosts) stay

Hello world!

This is my first entry about earthbound spirits (ghosts). I have been in service to these spirits for over 20 years, assisting them with their journey into the next realm. I would love to share with you some of my experiences to maybe shed some light on this topic that you may have questions about.

Whenever I work with these earthbound spirits, I join with many beings from the angelic/heavenly realm for guidance and protection. It has been a very rewarding experience as I have witnessed thousands of these earthbound return to the realm beyond earth.

Who are these earthbound spirits? They are just about anyone that has chosen to stay here after their physical death. But, you might ask, “Why do they choose to stay here?” The reasons are individual, but in my experience, I have compiled a list of most of those reasons. They are: Anger, Fear, Punishment of self, Attachments to people, places or things, Unworthiness, Accidental or early death, Remorse for actions or a need for forgiveness from a loved one, No belief in God or the existence of Heaven, and No experience of Love.

Many people think that we automatically get on an escalator that propels us into Heaven. In my experience, this is not necessarily true. We have choice. While some do ascend shortly after physical death, others may take time (our earthly measurement). Time doesn’t exist in their realm. It may take the departed ones a long time to leave. I have worked with a man from the cave man days. That truly is a long, “time.”

How can they be assisted to move forward, or complete their journey home? For me, I rely on the heavenly or angelic realm to provide me with the words necessary for each individual earthbound spirit (ghost). I don’t know what they need to hear. I don’t know what’s holding them from completing their journey.

There is a process that takes place when I’m in service. First, I place myself within what I call the Oneness of The I AM Presence of Mother/Father God. It’s the space of Unconditional Love and Light. It’s a place where there is no judgement. In other words, I must be willing to Love these spirits into the Light and Love of God. It’s through a form of meditative prayer that takes me to this place/space.

At that point, I can be truly in service, without my ego in the way. I can listen and be guided by what some call the “Holy Spirit” or “Divine Guidance.” I believe that my angels play a huge part in all of this. I must honor the choice of the one I am serving. With honor, my angels communicate with their angels and then I am guided. It would be dishonoring for me to intrude in their personal space or communicate with their personal angels without permission.

In my next entry, I will go into personal experiences of each of the reasons for staying that I listed above.

What are some of the questions you might have about ghosts? I look forward to hearing from you.