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No Belief in God or the Existence of Heaven Can Hold Us Earthbound

How can we return to a place or an experience of God or Heaven if we don’t believe it exists? Many people who die find themselves in this situation of not moving forward, because they simply won’t allow the possibility of another existence.

The story that comes to my mind first is about a man that my angels led me to. My friend and I reached out to this man, who died in the mid-19th century in a car accident. He was still with his car. He had died while under the influence of alcohol. His belief system didn’t allow for him to be aware of the angels or an existence of anything beyond this realm. He was also still inebriated.

This man was a famous movie star, so I won’t share his name with you. (We have worked with many famous people, but have promised them to never take advantage of their name.) I will share his story, because he has asked for it to be told.

Let’s call him Dennis. Dennis didn’t believe there was a “Heaven.” I asked the angels if he could go there, and then come right back to tell us if it was real. I wanted him to find out for himself if it was real. The angels agreed to allow this experience. First, he asked if we could go with him. We told him we could not, because we were still in this physical realm. Dennis was gone for a few minutes of our Earth time before he returned to give us a report. This is what he wants us to share with the world: “I found myself walking along a dirt road. I wasn’t pushed or pulled, but went on my own free will. The road was familiar! I knew where I was. I had been here before! I came to a simple, wooden, country gate that was slightly open. I pushed it open wide enough to go through. I was going HOME! I knew this place! It wasn’t scary. I KNEW where I was. It was peaceful and full of LOVE. Will you please tell people that Heaven is not an unfamiliar place. We have been there before. It is just a matter of “going home” when we die.”

I have shared this story with many people, who were in the process of dying and were scared. It has given them comfort to know that they will know the way home. It’s not a scary process, but a journey home.

There are many stories I have experienced with those who didn’t believe in the existence of this place we know as “Heaven.” What are your thoughts about where we go at the time of death? I would love to hear from you.

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There are a few, that’s for sure. It’s a wonderful moment when they realize there’s more to life than here on Earth. We are all so loved. I never worry about someone not believing in God. Eventually they will realize their higher power. God believes in them, and that’s what counts. We don’t need to judge. We can just love them into that place of higher vibration.
Thank you for your comment.

I have heard an interesting concept about death. “Where we go and what happens after we die is no different than where we started. Nothing. There is absolutely nothing as we no longer exist. And without existance we cannt feel pain or sorrow.” What are your thoughts on this? In a way it can be seen as comforting as well.

I have heard that also. I don’t believe we came from nothing. I believe that we have always existed and live many lifetimes here on Earth and other places. Life is life, no matter the vehicle it chooses to express itself within.
Spirit doesn’t have the limitations that a physical body might experience. I believe that pain and sorrow are limitations of the human mind. Pain and sorrow doesn’t serve us in that realm of no limitation. There is no need for it. There is only NOW in the spiritual realm, and I believe that sorrow and pain are emotions that equate with the past. Emotions come from FEAR. FEAR is a creation of darkness/ego. It doesn’t exist within the Light and LOVE of that “Heavenly” realm.
Perhaps it will help if I explain that I differentiate between emotions and feelings. It is my understanding that feelings, which are born of LOVE, are part of the Light. Emotions are born of FEAR, and belong to the darkness, where ego is created.
I have seen/experienced many different lifetimes. I believe that once I was created, I always will be. There is more to that statement, but for now, I hope this explains why I do not believe in a return to nothing or that I came from nothing before this lifetime.
Let me know what you think.

I believe in a beautiful place where colors are alive with vibration and breath. Where we exist in a permanent warm hug that is communal and all are family. And of course we exist with all the pets we have ever have had.

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