Reasons Earthbound Spirits (Ghosts) stay

Attachments Keep Us Earthbound

Attachments to people, places and things or even habits can keep us here after our physical death. This reason rates the highest after Fear, because most of us are attached to our loved ones, the places we love and sometimes even the possessions like money can keep us here. Control of money is one reason that kept Doris here after her death.

Doris came from the East coast and was part of a very wealthy family. Her last name is familiar to many people, so I won’t be sharing that with you. Doris sought out my friend and I. Somehow our work with earthbound was brought to her attention. Of course that’s the work of the angels. Her own angels led her to us.

Doris was challenging. She came with her trunks of things that she was taking with her. She wanted to make an appointment with us. She asked for our full names and addresses, because she was going to make arrangements for her brother to pay us whatever we asked for. You might think this is very funny. We did. But, Doris was quite serious. As you can guess, we never received payment for our services! Her brother was quite unaware of his sister’s request.

Doris eventually went on after spending some time in the “Garden.” She wasn’t very popular with the other Earthbound, who were in the process of healing while in the “Garden.” She was very controlling. It was difficult for Doris to let go of her old life, where she was the head of a very large corporation. She was quite bossy1

Another example of attachment is Betty. Betty was a young mother during the depression. She was pregnant with her 4th child (I think). She couldn’t feed the other children she had, so she tried to abort this baby. She died in the process. Betty couldn’t leave her other children, so stayed here in an earthbound state for many years. She told us about her children and how one son had become a dentist in our local area. She was aware of everything they did. I could relate to her while thinking about what I would do if I had died when my children were young.

Betty eventually learned that her children were never aware of her presence. They would have benefited more had she gone into the next realm, where Betty would have had the awareness and unconditional love of many beings to support her.

In my book, “A Voice Loud as Thunder,” the Protector was attached to the Earth. He asked us, “Who will hug the mountains when I am gone?” We promised we would. The Protector didn’t want to leave his beautiful Earth.

I became aware of being attached to things around me. I have learned that you can have things, but your attitude about them can change. You can love them, but be willing to let them go.

What are you attached to in your life? Are you willing to let go of the attachment and love freely?

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Attachments is a tough one. For me it is a way to avoid change and new beginnings. Most have a few treasured possessions, loved ones and a special place they love. It is when you are overwhelmed with possessions, holding loved ones hostage etc. that causes soul sickness. I can definitely picture Doris being defined by her possessions, feeling so deeply entwined that she missed the wonders of ascension and heaven.

We sometimes think we are our possessions or they define who we are. It isn’t what we have, but how we attach or detach from it. The stone Larimar is a helper with learning to detach from material things.
Thank you for your comment.

I am learning many things but possessions are a hard one to give up. At this point I don’t think I would stick around after death for them. Possibly a grandson that needs help. After reading your blog I am assuming we can help more on the Other Side. Have a read correctly? Do you believe we can help more when we cross over?

I do believe our resources and support are far more advanced than if we stay here on Earth after death. When we stay here, we aren’t aware of the dimensions beyond this realm. When we can join with many angels, lightworkers, our family, and so much more, we are limitless in what we can do. After death, when we ascend, we can help our family still walking the Earth. We just have a lot more that we can do with the available resources.
Thank you for your comment, Aani.

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