Reasons Earthbound Spirits (Ghosts) stay

Punishment of Self Holds Us Earthbound

I have many different stories to share on all these reasons for staying after death. The one that stands out the most is about a man who went to his own “Hell” after his physical death.

We will call him Sam. When my friend and I first saw him, he was holding onto the bars of his prison cell. There were beasts beating him with whips. This fits the description that some people have in their minds of what “Hell” might look like.

Sam was screaming in pain. We asked him why he was here. He said this was his punishment for what he had done during his life on Earth. We asked him, “Did anyone tell you to come here after your death? “

After thinking about that question for a few moments, Sam told us, “No.”

With unconditional Love, we were able to show Sam that he was holding up only one wall of his cell. Their weren’t any other walls. He had created for himself what he felt he deserved. He created the punishment he felt he deserved. No one sent him into this experience. It was all his own choice and creation.

Sam saw the truth. He chose to go to the Heavenly Realm with a host of angels that had never left him, but waited and called for him throughout his self-punishment.

Sam’s story is a good lesson for all of us. How many times in our own lives, do we choose punishment for ourselves? We create our own “Hell.” God doesn’t want us to suffer. God wants us to know that we are loved unconditionally no matter what situation we might be experiencing in our lives. God calls us home when we die. What we need in order to return to that space of unconditional love is provided for us.

In my book, “A Voice Loud as Thunder,” you will read about Charles. He is another example of that desire for punishment. It was his own choice of experience. It was and always will be Love that lifts these lost souls up into their rightful place of existence, a place of unconditional Love and Light, a place called, “Home.”

What are your thoughts about “Hell?”

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This resonates with me. I’m guilty of “self-punishment” and I think it happens in a way where we hardly see it, just like your example. Sometimes you need someone to snap you out of it and get you back on track.

Awareness is the key and the first step in any kind of self-development. Once you recognize your behavior, you can take the steps for change. Does that mean you have overcome the behavior? Maybe not right away, but you’re on your way to breaking an old habit. One of my guides once showed me a vision of a plant growing tall, but at the bottom of the plant, I noticed dead leaves hanging on. He said, “Those are your old habits. They will hang on for awhile, but will eventually let go and fall away.” That vision helps me to understand my process and not be so hard on myself. It’s always a process. Do you agree?

Thank you for taking the time to make a comment on my blog.

Great post, yes I am my own worse enemy, beating myself up. I remember my Divine soul and Spirit’s unconditional love and realize that I would not treat others that way so I should not treat myself either.

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