Reasons Earthbound Spirits (Ghosts) stay

Fear Keeps Us Earthbound

Fear may be the number one reason that people stay here on Earth after their physical death. Unfortunately, they have this idea of a punishing, vengeful God/Creator, who is ready to burn them in hell for all their sins.

While many believe in this Creator, I do not. God is pure, unconditional Love. Perhaps we have a human perception of God as a punishing parent. In my opinion, we punish ourselves enough for what we deem our shortcomings. While there may be a payment (and that is an involved subject), I don’t believe there is anything to fear at the time of our death.

Fear comes from ego. It is a negative energy. The darkness feeds off of fear just as much as it feeds off of anger. Both are the energy of darkness. I like to differentiate between feelings and emotions. Feelings are actions, while emotions are reactions. Feelings are based in Love and emotions are based in fear. This is another subject that could take days to discuss. Fear and anger are blocks to the higher vibration of Heaven. When we die, ego does not ascend, but separates from us. Ego was not created by God so cannot return to God. So, when we feel those negative emotions, they hold us back from expressing the beautiful creation we were meant to be.

Early on in my service to Earthbound, Charles (an earthbound spirit from my book) brought us a group of children with their teacher. They had died in an avalanche near Mt. Baldy in the San Bernardino mountains. Rosemary was their teacher.

Rosemary was afraid of God. I don’t know exactly what her religion had been, but with her having a child out of wedlock, she was certain that she was going to burn in hell. She believed that if she kept the children with her, God wouldn’t be able to send her there.

I could relate to Rosemary as I had a strict, religious background growing up. It was a serious sin to have a child out of wedlock. At the time of their deaths, Rosemary watched the children ascending and began to call their names one by one as if she was taking roll call in school. Each one of these children (perhaps 12) came back to her. They were all concerned for her well-being.

Rosemary was a tough one to work with as she wasn’t open to seeing her part in what happened to the children at the time of death. The children eventually went on without her (including her own child). Then, it wasn’t only fear that held her here. She was angry with my friend and I as she felt we had tricked her. We were having a conversation with her when Archangel Gabriel and his Legion of angels came to each child to give them the choice to ascend or stay with Rosemary. Her daughter knew that if she ascended, Rosemary would follow. That is what happened in the end, but Rosemary’s story is a little more involved than that.

Although we are discussing reasons one may not go on at the time of their death, I think it might be important to share more of Rosemary’s story with you now. Rosemary didn’t want to stay here without her daughter, so she did ascend, but not into the realm where the children had transitioned. She was in a sort of in-between place/space. I think it is best described as the Purgatory that the Catholic church mentions. However, Purgatory is a gift to us, and not a punishment. It is for those of us who are not ready to totally be in a place of Oneness with God, but need to work some things out that we hold onto from our Earthly incarnation. We are served very lovingly in this space. For Rosemary, it was an angel, who never left her. I know this, because the angel approached us much later to ask if we would speak to Rosemary. Rosemary needed to hear the whole story of what happened that day when the children ascended. She blamed us, but the truth was that we were not aware of what was happening until afterward. We were only aware of our conversation with her at that time. The angels arranged that moment of intervention. It is my prayer that Rosemary has forgiven us. I believe she has ascended into the higher vibration at last.

Anger and fear are emotions that all of us can release while we’re still here on Earth. It’s an on-going process and part of our experience of ascending into higher realms of consciousness even while still living here physically. Isn’t life all about being fully human and fully divine at the same time? What do you think?

Please let me know if you have any questions about this post. I enjoy hearing from all of you.

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Yes, fear is not from God! I know that fear doesn’t serve me and when I feel it taking over, I do the exercise I was once shown. I visualize that fear as a dark ball/cloud and release it and willingly give it to God. It has helped me so much.

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