Reasons Earthbound Spirits (Ghosts) stay

Anger Keeps us Earthbound

One of the reasons people choose to stay on earth after death is anger. You can’t take anger with you into a realm of unconditional love.

The first earthbound spirit I met was a Native American Shaman. I named him the Protector. (You can read his story in “A Voice Loud as Thunder.” Soldiers came to what is now Rancho Cucamonga (in 1863). They killed the Protector and his people. The Protector felt responsible for their early deaths since he had told his people that they could live peacefully with the white man. The Protector was angry.

In the Protector’s wisdom and his love of his Creator, he knew that he couldn’t take his anger into the Heavenly Realm. He was unwilling to let it go. In a way, he punished himself by holding onto this anger.

Anger is an energy that can be all-consuming. Over time, the energy of anger becomes addictive. It’s an energy of darkness. This is the reason that it can’t survive in the realm of LOVE and LIGHT. Think of a dark room. When the light is turned on, what happens to the darkness? It must leave. The Heavenly Realm is Light and Love, so anger cannot exist there.

I have known people who are addicted to anger. They create situations that bring them anger. The darkness feeds off this energy.

I have had anger that I haven’t wanted to let go. It allows me to feel “justified” about my reactions in these situations. In order to heal/change the situation, I must let the anger go and forgive.

When we die, anger must leave in order for us to ascend into the light. Forgiveness is the key in healing from anger. Forgiveness opens the door to freedom from the bondage of darkness.

You can read about the Protector’s journey of healing in my book, “A Voice Loud as Thunder.” It’s available from Amazon, or I have copies.

Next time I will address another reason earthbound spirits stay here: Fear.

What are your thoughts about anger and forgiveness?

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That is true. We take things with us, but anger is one of those negative emotions that has no place in that higher realm of light and love. Releasing anger is an on-going process in our everyday lives here on earth.

Great insight in this article Virginia! I’ve got myself holding on to anger so I can create the illusion of beautiful no right. You nailed it and gave me inspiration to look at the places where I hold and or use anger. Releasing it all now.

Good for you! Releasing anger is an on-going process. It’s wonderful if we can take that first step of looking at it and taking responsibility for our part in changing our perceptions and letting go.

I just picked up (borrowed) a copy of your book from Unity this morning and started reading it. The Protector’s story is compelling!
I’m enjoying the blog so far!

Many wonderful hours working with Virginia. Anger and/or fear always seem to be the basis for being “stuck” in a situation in both the living and the dead. It’s never too late to assist a soul to see beyond what holds them hostage.

Enjoy reading your blog. So true we need to free ourselves of any anger. Anger is poison that affects our mind, body, and soul. So sad many Earthbounds are trudging, unable to let go of their human anger. Thank you for spreading the Light. 🤍

That’s an important question. No, not all spirits are earthbound. We have guides, angels, loved ones who have gone on and come back to guide us. There are the dark entities, which are another classification. Some of those have lived an earthly life, while another group (which mainly look like some kind of animal) are conjured beings–brought into this realm by black magic. All life is an energy, so we need to know the source of the energy–is it light or dark energy?

I read your book an learned some lessons in my own life that I need to change from those Earth bounds you helped to move on to the Heavenly realm an be in the presents of God’s love. Your truly a blessing to all you help. Sprit an the living.. Thank you Virginia Morning sky..

It is possible for them to release and move past this anger in the “Heavenly Realm.” I have been told by ascended guides that it is easier to learn here on Earth. Since the “Heavenly Realm” is perfect peace, we aren’t so willing to work on these issues from our past incarnation on Earth. I do know that there are places of existence within the next realm that are given to us for our healing of these issues before we fully ascend. Some may call these places, “Purgatory.” That word may feel like a place of punishment, but in my experience, it is a place of healing and LOVE. It is provided for us because we feel the need for it before we think we could be One with the I AM. God doesn’t require anything from us, but provides us with what we feel we need. It’s always within perfect Love that we are given the opportunities for growth.
If we don’t release the anger, yes, we will bring it with us next time. I have known people who are always angry, and if they are without anger, they invent something to be angry about. It is their own creation. The unfortunate thing about the emotion of anger is that it is addictive. It has an energy that is addictive. Dark ones feed off of this emotion. It gives them strength and energy. However, LOVE and anger cannot exist within the same space. You are one or you are the other. Anger doesn’t exist in the Heavenly realm, but if one is not healed, yes, they can pick it up again in their next life here on Earth. Maybe it’s an opportunity to overcome this negative emotion once and for all. This doesn’t mean that we won’t ever feel anger, but the awareness of what it is will give us the power to recognize it and deal with it.
I hope I have answered your question. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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