Reasons Earthbound Spirits (Ghosts) stay


When we leave the physical body, we begin a journey into the next realm of existence. We do have a choice to move forward into this ascension process, or we can stop it. This is what happens to those who remain here for an extended period of “time.”

The ascension process takes us into a state of perfect LOVE. When we haven’t experienced love on Earth, it isn’t a familiar state of being. We are more familiar with the absence of love, also known as the darkness of fear.

One of my experiences with someone who never knew love, was a man whose mother was a witch. She practiced black magic. She was part of a coven of witches, who never gave this person love, even as a baby and a young boy. They used him to perform some of their evil deeds.

When he died, they were waiting for him on the other side. They were earthbound. They held him here, or should I say he felt that they held him here.

We will call him Abel. As a ghost, he would influence young children with the psychic gifts to do bad deeds. This is how we found him. He was chased away by psychics that were called in to protect the children. No one tried to help Abel.

I don’t suggest anyone try to reach out to one serving the darkness, unless this is your expertise. In doing this service, we are held in a space of perfect LOVE. This is the only tool we have in our toolbox. We LOVED Abel into the LIGHT.

Able wasn’t ready to ascend right away, so he went to The Garden. The Garden is a space that the angels have manifested for the earthbound. It’s about 4 feet off the ground. In The Garden, earthbound are attended to by angels and other earthbound who are ready to ascend. It gives them time to heal before ascending into that realm of Perfect Love.

Abel wants to share with others a lesson he learned while in The Garden. He spent a lot of time with Jesus in The Garden. He learned that not only do we want to be like Jesus here on Earth, but Jesus wants to be us. That means that we are all one. Will we allow the Christ Light to shine through us?

Abel learned about LOVE before he ascended. He can now reach out to others who have had his experience. I never knew that some people never experience love in their lifetime here. Abel wasn’t the only one we reached out to with this pain. The second earthbound had been a King, but never felt love as a child. Very sad to know that children aren’t given love.

What are your thoughts about LOVE? What do you feel about Jesus wanting to be you? I’d love to hear from you.

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